Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hump Day

I found the perfect picture of who I wanted to add in today, Clive Owen! It says about his eyes - but the picture is not the best of his eyes. He does have some very sexy eyes. I thought I would add movies these guys have been in in case you do not know them. Oh coarse last week - was a duh yep we know that hottie. Well, Clive hottie Owens was in King Arthur, Beyond Borders with Angelina homewrecker Jolie, Derailed with Jennifer Aniston, Inside Man with denzel Washington, Elizabeth The Golden Age, and Sin City. So you can see he has stared in all kinds of films with many more to name, these are just a few I have seen and liked.

Happy Birthday shout out to both Linda and Barb. Hope you guys have a wonderful day with many more to come. Barb is on her way to CHA today - lucky duck. Miss Kip is going too with her honored self!

Not sure if Cody is home from Orlando yesterday, or if he did get into see Dark Knight last night. He got a free screening at the IMAX in Orlando. He went with his ex girlfriend/still friends Laurel. They went over early in the day and spent it in Orlando. Hope they come home and she is not in trouble like the last time they went to Orlando. She kind of skipped school and took Cody to Disney for his birthday one year - and her parents then forbid her from seeing him. Since she is now graduated and it is summer, hope this time will be better. Will let you know how it went when I find out.

Gotta get busy, work is piling up as I type. Confrence call at 10am, lunch with the small dwendling department at 1130 since Friday is Mikes last day. Oh yeah, still no Manny replacement, and still no word on me. But I did get a "Extra Effort" Award. That states "Thanks for being such a great team player and stepping up to pick up the slack ?and all the extra work) that's come along with Century and the departure of Mike and Manny. I can't amagine it all still running without you." Now isnt that nice? So I guess they are letting me know that it is being noticed and to hang in there.

***as I was just typing this Manny walked in. He will be working out of this office today. Great to see him and sad to see him. He might work from here 3 days a week, since Pinellas is so far for him to drive. I hope so, I miss him.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

-ello Clive! You forgot about my favorite movie, "Closer" with Julie Roberts, Jude Law, and Natalie Portman. He is good in that movie too.

But yeah, lighten up with the Angelina Jolie comments. Despite her personal life, she is a good human. She does a lot of good humanitarian work & I rather like her. There are plenty of women that are homewreckers, but would people hate HER as much if she wasn't as beautiful as she is or if it hadn't affect Jennifer Aniston?? I think not! Anywho... :)

Love ya