Sunday, July 20, 2008

I am on the boat

Ok, it is finally official... I paid my deposit for the Cruise. I am rooming with "Miami" Dawn this next Cruise. love her! She and I like alot of the same things. Hate that she lives so far away, but will get to see her in a few weeks at the FGT crop in Sebring. I also paid for the Hoe Down in Ft. Myers. It will be September 5-7, it was a birthday present to myself (since it is the 5th). Thank goodness on this check I had some overtime - so I was able to pay both, and not have to juggle some bills to do so.

I am going to continue to milk all the overtime that I can while I can! This will help me get things in order. Mike's last day was Friday. So, that means I am now 3 people! I am covering for Manny and Mike now. I have his laptop and might get his cell phone too. Still up in the air, no new news on the work front. I did work about 3 hours today doing some things that I could get into. Needed to do more, but it would not let me access it at home. Guess I will be going in early to do it.

Have you ever seen Platiumn Weddings? My mom is watching it right now - OMG! On this show, they have a carriage cake that cost $35,000.00 (yes 35 thousand)! For the cake alone? WTF? It has gold on the cake - ok people are going to eat gold. I guess this would be the true meaning of "shitting away money" (that cracked me up)! A ice bar that is $5,000.00. So far they are shitting and melting away $40,000! 150 guests and the dinner cost $51,000. So now we are up to $91,000 wasted! And this is not including the dress and all the other stuff. Man some people! I would love to see a "where are they now" on these shows. I would love to see how many of these fools that waste all this money if they are actually still married.

Ending on a sad note. There was two very sad bits of news this weekend. Karen losing her husband, he was 37. When I saw the email saying sad news, I did not expect anything as sad as reading that. My heart just pours out to her and her children. And Jule's step-brothers daughter. Thank goodness she did have her helmet on. Prayers are going out to both.

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I want on the boat damn it!