Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a day

Yesterday was really hard being the first day of no Mike, today was even worse. Finding lots of things he did not show me before he left. I am learning as I am going - on my own. Hopefully I did things right. I did a "statement message" today. You know the commercials about the cable / TV change next year? Well you will see a message on your bill each month until next year - I did that for Hillsborough Region. Too cool! Very nerve racking, since I was not shown how to do it. Oh, I did find one thing that Mike entered wrong when I was trying to learn to do the change later in the week. I was told to go over certain things, well I finally caved and admitted I was confused as it did not look right...I was right - it was wrong! So, that looked good that I did not know what I was doing, but I did read the process correctly enough to know it was wrong. Big pat on the back! Day two down, many gray hairs are popping out!

Going to cut this short I am mentally drained. Even though I sit at a desk all day long, not hard manual labor, I even wear a sweater cause I freeze....I am drained! It is only 9:30 and I am so tired and thinking of going to bed. Hey on the bright side tomorrow is hump day. Lets see who catches my fancy tomorrow!

Oh, once again a youtube clip that Kip has shared I have seen on TV. Alot of times she will blog a youtube clip and then I will see it on Eleen or somewhere. The Lion one that was so touching sweet was on Entertainment tonight last night. I think that is neat that Kip finds all these things, then I see it days or weeks later on TV. Because she is ahead of times!

Have a great evening everyone

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