Friday, July 18, 2008

All I can say is WOW

This is by far a "must see" on the big screen than any movie ever made. This was my first time seeing a movie on a IMAX screen. I thought I was a little on the stupid side at first, started having my doubts for seeing it first on the big screen.....when the first sceen of the movie hit - all doubts was set aside! I knew this would be a really good movie, I was wrong. It was beyond words. It was the best Batman movie ever made, and ever will be made. There will be a third one with Christian hottie Bale as the Batman, but I agree with Cody they should not make another one. It will be really hard to pass this one. If you saw the first and liked it - this is so very much better. And yes, after seeing it - I really do not think any kid under 12 should be allowed to go see it. I know some parents let their kids see horror movies and such at a young age - even though Cody is a die hard horror movie freak - I did not let him when he was young. I attempted once and he was scred for weeks. This is a very dark and violent film. All other Batmans have been on the "comic book" side and was ok for kids to see. Not this one! Oh, and you know how usually they show all the good parts of movies in the commercials for the movie? Well, not this time. If the commercials grab ya.....your in for a great treat because those are not even close to the best parts. Those are piddly parts comapired to the whole movie.

Oh there was about 15 people in costume. One guy even went down in front of everyone and said a Joker type thing. A NBC news lady was there filmed bits of the people. Had mom DVR it to see if they show them. Too cool!

OK, better jump into work. Will blog later. Have a great day!

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Cheryl said...

Sounds like a MUST see. Since I'm like a 12 year old...will it scare me?