Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday night

Home from Georgia. Sad to be home, already missing the Cokers. The party was fun, alittle scared cause at 2pm when it was supposed to have started none of Tylers friends was there yet. He had a look on his face that you could tell he was upset. He did have 2 friends from school / neighborhood show up. It ended up being a great party! The kids had a blast. They had water guns and bubble that was a hit. It is the simple things in life that win out. I do not understand why people feel the need to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars - just old time simple fun. And you will hear them say "this is the best party ever". More than one of the kids said that, so you know it is real.

After the party came home and Jennifer, Gavin, Dylan and Cody played on the slip n slide that Heather got the boys. It is one that has 3 lanes that the boys can race them selves on. I will add a picture later. After that Josh got back home (he had to run by work for a bit after the party) and let Cody and I ride on the ATV. I have never been on one and have been wanting to. We both rode it by our selves, but then Josh took me on a ride down some of the back roads. We got up to 47 miles per hour and was just a going down the road about 3 miles away. Then we watched National Treasure 2. I had been waiting to see it. Bought it for Tyler for his birthday so we all watched it. It was good - yep in surround sound again.

Tomorrow I have to go to our Wesley Chapel office, Monday to Thursday. Guess I better find out how to get there since I have no clue. I keep getting all different directions from people - so now I am confused more than ever.

Gonna go and watch the rest of MTV Movie awards. They had Coldplay on it so I had to watch it. Have a great night

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