Saturday, May 31, 2008

If you are a Sex in the City fan.....GO see the movie

Last night Jennifer and I went to see Sex in the City, and it did not let us fans down. It was done nice. There was alot of estrogen in that place! There was actually 3 men that showed up! That was too funny when the first one walked in. 2 people brought kids about 8 years old - one left quickly into the movie - the other stayed - and should not have in my eyes. What part of SEX in the title did you not comprehend? And did you not watch the show when it was on HBO? They did not cut anything out when it was on HBO and neither did this movie!

After the movie I took Jennifer to Mellow Mushroom. She was too funny! She said right before we went that she did not want pizza. I tried to tell her she would. She ordered a jerk chicken sub - that was really good and really "jerky". Well, I gave a piece to Jenna to try - needless to say she ended up with a slice as she could not stop saying "man this is good". We shared a Bahama Mama as one was enough for both of us. It was really strong.

Nothing like going to Wal-mart after that! We were in the store no more than 1 min and we were cracking up at the people. This mother said hello to some woman walking bye - and the son said in very strong Georgia voice "Who Dat?" We just cracked up right there. Jennifer turned downed the closest isle, I was stuck right there next to them when I lost it. That was a almost pee the pants moment!

In a little bit it is party time, so I really need to get a move on it. Will try to post some later. The party is 2-4. Then we have to clean up. And it is supposed to be a hot one today! Thank goodness she also has the inside hall rented so we can get cooled off.

Have a great Saturday

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