Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day two of training

Day was day 2 of 4 of training. It is something that I am already doing, so I already know what we are covering so far. It is just explaining the why we do what we are doing. It has been interesting, and if nothing else free lunch all week from Boston Market. Bad part for now is that I have to drive 21.6 miles to and then 21.6 miles from the office. On Friday I will submit a T&E and in about a month I will get some money back for the gas.

On the subject of work, we got a very bad blow last Wednesday! My wonderful boss Manny will not be my boss much longer! He will be transferring to the Division office some time soon. We do not have a date yet, but max they can hold him is 30 days. Now the person that will be our boss in the interim is great too. But he will not be the set one. We do not know who will be the final one. Because, not only did we get a hard blow finding out we will be loosing him as a boss - but our Billing department might merge with the Tri-County billing department. Where does that leave me? I have no idea. I should have a job, but doing what and where I do not know. I might have to look around in the other departments to see what is out there. Just when every thing was going well and all was right in the work world, and I was finally the happiest I have ever been - a sledge hammer hits me right in the heart. Had the wind knocked out of me. I have decided I will take work one day at a time and keep doing what I do and not worry about the next chapter. One good thing...the boss that I will have temporarily knows I am a hard dedicated worker. And that Alexis is also, he knows the girls he will manage are excellent and the guys suck lol! That is a plus.

OK, short one lots to do. Have a great night.


Jenn(ifer) said...

wow, i'm sorry! that is scarey. I hope everything works out well for you. :( Hang-in there.

Kip said...

I know things will work out for you Michele as you're such a good worker but hugs for you!