Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sense-Sational Sunday

Start of with the copy of the sense's from Kip.

Hear - Oscar barking at something outside. He has started a barking phase. Hope he gets over it fast. Sometimes I think he barks just to hear himself bark.

Touch - was scrapbook supplies before I got back on the computer. And guess what that means? Yes, I am done with the book from hell! She did not think there was enough "embellishments" in the first book? She got them this time. She did not comprehend the "empty spots" for journalling? Well I have white pieces of paper where the journalling would go. She will not like it and I do not care. It is done and behind me. I was happy with the other book, this one I am not happy with and I do not care one bit. Plain and simple the book is done!

Smell - Nothing! Wish I had a Yankee candle to burn. I am out. I love the smell of them. Their candles I can usually smell.

Feel - Overwhelmed. Feel like everything is weighing me down. Treading water to stay afloat. I hate when things get like this. But this weekend is a Hilltop weekend crop so that will pick me up. Get to see all the great people I have been blessed to come into my life. A few will not be there - and I wish they could. They will be with us in thoughts.

See - a mess! A room that I need to get back on track. Now that I have that book done I can put that scrap stuff away and move on.

So, now that I have hell book done I am so tired. I even tried to take a nap this afternoon, Just fall asleep and it was time to wake up. Guess I will attempt to go to bed early. It is 10:30 right now so will still be almost 11 by the time I hit the sack. Yawning good sign. Good-nite for now. Will blog tomorrow. It will be a great day, doubtful but will make the most of it.

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:Jayne said...

Cheer up Michele! The book from hell is done!!!!!!!
I hope you have a good week. Will miss you all terribly this weekend.