Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day

Decided that on every Wednesday I will post a picture of a very sexy man. Last week being the first it was only fitting it would be David Beckham. Well, this week it is Gerald Butler. He is some kind of sexy in a different way. He was in 300 and P.S I love You to name a couple. Your welcome Jennifer.

Knew today would be rough - but man was it rough! And only going to get worse. To top it off - it was suggested I postpone my day off this Friday. Well, I am figuring out a way that I will still manage to take the day off. Will still have it off one way or another! Bad thing is, they have me right where they need me cause I want that position - well sorry but after 3 weeks of hell Michele needs Michele time! Hilltop wins out!


Jenn(ifer) said...

Gerard* Butler -- not Gerald ;) He is devine. He can talk to me in that Scottish brogue anytime he would like.

Going to bed - not feeling so hot. Sorry about work --

:Jayne said...

I hope you got your day off! Missed you all this weekend. UM what about the hunkiest retird guy in America? HMMM??


dawn said...

I like the sexy man idea. I don't know who Gerard Butler is but he is fun to look at.