Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back to reality

This past weekend was great. Had the Hilltop Crop for the whole weekend. Got to see all the wonderful people from all over the state - and especially Jill flying in to share with the fun. Met some new people, they had a blast. How can they not? If it is not one person it is another bringing in the good times. So great seeing Miss Elle, she has been greatly missed. Finally learned how to use the Zutter. Thanks to Diana and Kathy showing me the tricks of the trade I can now zutter away. They say all good things comes to an end, Sunday was it. But, it will be just a little less than a month and we will be back at itfor Sebring.

Back to the grind at work. Today is only Tuesday and I already have 10 hours of overtime. I can not complain too much since it has been over a year that I had any overtime. I will be getting 2 more hours today and tomorrow. They are having conference calls at 6pm and I leave at 4:30. I almost was happy yesterday, for a split moment. I was called into the Directors office with my "temp manager". Thought maybe she would rest my mind about promoting me into Mike's position. Since I am already doing the work and learning the rest. Big fat nope! Informed me that they will hire the new Manager first, and then they will decide what to do with me. If I will stay where I am at or if I will get promoted after already doing the work. Well, they have not even begun interviewing for Manny's position yet. If they hire within the company (which would be very wise) the department that person will come from can be held for up to a month before releasing them. Mike leaves in less than 2 weeks. I am the only one they are training, so once he leaves I will be doing his job fully. I am really down with work right now. But I know the grass is not always greener somewhere else. Atleast I have a job when many others do not. At least this is a short week, as Friday is a paid holiday.

I guess I am in a all round funk. Since I spend 90% of my time at work, it drags over into after work. I hope I am wrong about what I am thinking and feeling. But usually I am right. I just need to get away from everything and every one. But then the issues will still be here when I get back.

Still waiting for results from Dylans tests which is also adding to this funk!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

Got the results. All good. Go to my blog for a pick-me-up