Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day not starting out right

You know how when the day starts off wrong, it just continues to go south? well, today is one of those days. I did not sleep to well last night. Best sleep was this morning just before time to get up. So of coarse the alarm went off, hit snooze a few times and still did not get up. Finally got up got somewhat ready, sat down thought ok I will pay a couple of games of Dr Mario to get the brain and body flowing to wake up. Next thing I know it is 7am! Time flew by, and I was not fully ready yet. I did not have my shoes on, or my glasses. Searched for the correct matching pair of shoes, well I think some night nomes moved them. As I could not find any matching pairs, so I am in sneakers today! Yep, dress pants dress shirt and sneakers. Then went to grab my glasses - gone! Guess the sneaker nome needed to see where he was hiding my sneakers so he put my glasses back down in a different spot. Needless to say, 10 mins later I finally found them. On the entertainment center by the door. I never put them there. Guess I did when I let Oscar in last night before I went to bed. So, I left at 10 after 7 - supposed to be at work at 7:30. I am one of those that hate with a passion getting to work right on the dot and even more so I hate being late. I am usually here between 7and 715 at the very latest every day. Today was 7:29am! I was so mad at myself! Yes I was not late, but to me I was. Naturally, computer took forever to load my settings. Then tried to run a report that I had not ran in months - and it would not work. Yes, it was operator error. Got some emails that I will be involved in a very big project with 2 housing developments that we are about to service. And it will not be handled a normal way, so this will be fun. Linda read about it in the paper awhile back. There are two developments that are changing from their current cable company to us. Well, they have a very sour taste in their mouth from that company. We have to make sure we handle with care. And I am the main step to getting them service - great! Of all days, meeting one is today n a little bit. So, fingers crossed the day gets better.

I just read some blogs, looked at the funny animal pictures from the link on Kips blog - so now I am in a better frame of mine. Leave it to animals to cheer you up when need be.

So, back to the grind to get ready for that meeting. Hope everyones day goes how they want it to go!


Scrappin' Jackie said...

sure hope that your day gets better.

Kip said...

Hope your day gets much better Michele!!