Friday, May 16, 2008

Where are my blogs?

I have blogged and now I do not see them? Yes I really did. One was not so nice so I guess I am glad it is not on here.

Last night I went to the movies and saw What Happened in Vegas. It was a cute funny movie. Just love Ashton Kutcher, he is just a cutie! We cracked up a bit, and was much needed. Have been having a blah week.

Today we had a flag raising ceremony at work. And then a luncheon / party. They could have done without and just paid us more. Hell give us gas cards or something else at least. If they want to build moral, ask us what we want. Do not have a committee that have no clue! Frick and Frat are only about parties, "End of the Year" is party enough. They also just had a company pinic where we all were to go to Cypress Gardens. I went to the Riverview crop instead, and glad I did. Should have still put in for the tickets - oh well too late to should have now.

Tomorrow is the Sarasota crop. No organizing or slacking off for me. I have to get atleast one of the books done tomorrow.She has bugged me everyday this week "are you done yet". And everyday I tell her, I do not work on the book during the week, I will do it the weekend. I should do it during the week so I can get done. When I finish this one, I have another for her. Then I have 3 others to do - UGH. I have to gather up all the stuff to get it together.

Well, need to get back to work. Do not feel like working at all. Friday 4:30 is really calling my name bad!


Kip said...

Congrats on the weight loss for one thing!!! Wish I could join you all tomorrow...I miss you guys!

Jenn(ifer) said...

Did you go to your 'edit posts' and see if your previous blogs were saved as drafts? That has happened to me before.