Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down a little more

Went to my Weight Watchers meeting tonight. Lost 2.6 ponds. Total loss so far is 7.2. I wanted to try to lose 10 pounds a month. But the 7 pounds will do for now. Really need to do some exercising and then I think I will drop more. The walking is going so-so. Need to do more, little bits working up to more will be wonderful. I am sticking to it no matter what. And the best part is I can still have my ice cream. Weight Watchers has some ice cream cups that are only 2points each, and really yummy. Ice cream is my weakness but now I can still have it.

How was your day? My day at work sucked! I waisted almost the whole day working on a project. I get an email telling me to correct some accounts before their bill cycle. Well, I started with tonight's and then went from there. I completed 4 billing cycles took me about 6 hours. Then I get an email telling me "oh do not worry about doing the future cycles". They sent me more to correct on today's cycle. So when I finished those, I sent a email back telling them they were all corrected, as well as the next 4 cycles since the first email said to do it. Get a reply back "thanks, but you did not need to have done them". So of coarse I sent back the email that said "once you finish the 13th start on the next cycle and keep going per cycle" Response back "oops sorry". I get a "oops sorry" for working non stop 6 hours on something that I should not have received to assist to begin with. The guy that sits across from me took one look at me and asked "so who do you want to throw out the window?". That cracked me up.

I can not believe that it is May sweeps already. Lots of shows ending this week and the next following weeks. That is good cause now I will have time to do more after work. Pathic I know lol.

Well, gonna close for now. Read some emails and blogs. Take care. Pray for health and rain on our other coast. Help put out those fires!


Denita said...

Hey Girl,

Congrats on your weight loss! It gets easier the longer you stick to it.

It was great hearing from you. I hope you are well.

Miss you, Dee

Cheryl said...

Way to Go Sis!!! Maybe you will inspire me to get back on the wagon.

Jenn(ifer) said...

Great job!!