Monday, May 19, 2008

So very mad right now

and it is all my own fault! I knew better, but no I could not just say no. After all of the hassle about the darn scrapbooks I knew I should have just walked away. And yet I still have one more to do for her. To my face she has not told me the truth, she sad it was "nice" with an odd look - well fake look. I could see right thru her "looks nice". So, when I got back to my desk I asked the person that sits next to her what she really said about it. I know Erica would not lie, she is the most by the book honest person I know that works here. She told me that Kim was disappointed thought there would have been alot more embellisments to it. By the time I finished it last night every page had something on it. I added flowers and ribbon that I did not have with me on Saturday, I added a few more brads than what I had on Saturday - they were gemstone type ones. I added some EK embellishments on 5 different pages. And if the page did not have an actual bulk type embellishment, it had some sort of a cruise type stamp inked out on it - to me that is an embellishment - just not a bulky one - but still it is a friggin embellishment. Every page had something. And we are talking 42 pages once it was finally all said and done. She thought it was only going to be 20 pages and I already informed it uhm nope. And I still ended up not using about 1 1/2 ince stack of pictures. Once it was all done, I was actually happy with the way it turned out I should have taken pictures. My mom saw it and said better thaings than Kim, and that was even before I added more stuff to the pages. And my mom would have told me if it looked so-so. Now how the hell am I supposed to do a second book and for her after that comment? I am not putting any extra embellishments in it, I will do about equal. Remember $100.00 for 1 book that had 42 pages in it, and only movie tickets and a gift card that she did not even pay for herself for the other. Only 100.00 out of her pocket. That makes it about $2.38 a page for this one book alone. I will still do my best on her book, but I tell you right now I want to hurry it along and have it done. I may try to work on it some this week and finish it up by this weekend, since it is a three day weekend. You know they say "what comes around goes around" well this is what I am getting for alughing at that one darn picture!

Ok, vented out my anger enough - thanks for letting me. Now I will not bite any heads off.

Did you see the Desperate Housewives finale? WOW what a finally. I watched most of the season, but had to watch the end. Tonight is Gossip Girls finale. Yes the kid in me watches and loves that show, I know Jennifer, Heather, and I are excited lol


Cheryl said...

What is wrong with that woman? I have been asked to make another scrapbook for one of the Medical Foster Care kids that is finally being adopted. This will make the third one and I've only gotten the cost of supplies. My fault because the other two were for people retiring and I considered my time their gift. I must confess they are not my best work. They get what they pay for. As for this woman, I'd be tempted to give her back her stuff & her "payments" and tell her to find some other scrapbooker to do it for her.

Sorry she has made you so mad. I wouldn't use up my holiday for her.

Cheryl said...

Ooops....forgot to comment on DH. HOLY S***!!

Kip said...

well, you knew that woman was going to be trouble and I'd take it with a grain of salt. That's a heckuva lot of work for what she's paying you and I know it looked great!

Teri said...

I am sure it was VERY nice, Michele. I would not do any more, but that is just me! I did do a book once, the person really loved it, but still, I said, never again! Everyone's taste is just so different. She got a heck of a deal, for all the work you put into it. I am sure it was beautiful!

:Jayne said...

I think for $100 she has already gotten her money's worth! I wouldn't go out of my way on the other one. I certainly wouldn't do anything else for her!


Jenn(ifer) said...

You are too nice. You should just tell her you have a lot of other books to do, and you don't have time in the near future to complete another book. If she is unhappy about it, SO WHAT!?!?! Does she affect YOU and YOUR well-being? The only person that you need to make happy is YOU! So, its ok to say NO. Also, I think you make awesome pages. Who needs a crap load of embellishments anyway? It gets tacky after awhile. You know this. I know this. That girl is just a dingbat.

I didn't watch any DH this season. I did watch GG though. ((Were you referring to my friend Heather? She doesn't watch GG))

LOVE U 1 more week

Denita said...

Michele darling,

I am so . . . sorry that this has happened to you, only hope that you some how can learn from it! I know just how much it hurts when we ALLOW someone to take advantage of us!!! You should perhaps get some advice from Miss Ginni, she does albums for some of the people at her work and I believe that she charges $5.00 per page plus supplies and has NO problem getting it. Just a thought my dear.
Hope you are well.

Love Dee