Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday almost over

How was your weekend? As always the weekends just fly by! Did not do half of what I wanted to. But still did a lot.

Saturday I went to the post office and mailed off 2 packages, forgot to mail off the third - bad me. Did not remember until a few mins ago. Then I went to Target and got my mom a CD player/alarm clock and 3 Cd's for mothers day. I got her 2 Brad Paisley and one Faith Hill, she likes Brad alot - and so do I. Went to get a new ac unit for the house, got the wrong one had to go back and get another one. The first on was a portable - but did not realize it still needed a air duct with a window. Would not work the way we have our windows. So, I went back and got 2 of the kinds that I have now. Well, one they had in and one will have ready for me on Wednesday. Cody and I took the one out and put the new one in. This one went in my room. All three that we have are about 5 years old or older. Got them from my cousin and not sure how long she had them. The one on Wednesday will go in my moms room. Since we are on oppisite sides of the house the air from mine hopefully will meet up with hers. Besides a fan in the living room. Next I have to get one for Cody's room. That one he said he is fine to wait on. After the air, and it was cooler in my room I got bust cleaning until I got side tracked. I put together 5 of those cropper hopper cubes that I have had for awhile That Cheryl got from Big lots. I got rid of 4 bags of old kept stuff that I really did not need or use. I also, hung up a lot of clothes in my closet as now the boxes are out from in front of it. Now I can wear different things to work instead of the same old stuff each week. Jennifer and the boys went to Brayden's birthday party. The boys had so much fun like they always do. Heather got her a really cool water slide. Could not get the boys off of it. Gavin did not want to at first, but then you could not get him off of it.Tyler really enjoyed it. Jennifer posted a few pictures on her blog. Seeing them having so much fun makes my day! Hate that I can not share in that fun, but thank goodness for the internet for pictures. I am going up there for Tyler's and Gavin's birthday later in the month. Tyler's birthday is this week, but instead of having two trips having just one big party. I am going up Wednesday the 28th after work and coming back Sunday the 1st.

Sunday morning, mom made breakfast. Not much all day. We went to go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, they had people out the door waiting to get through the line. So we went to Giordano's mom ended up not liking it too much. So I know not to take her there again. She is getting a IOU for Sweet Tomatoes when we get a coupon for it.
Came home and nothing again. I have been typing up a spreadsheet for Close to my Heart. Should have done that awhile ago but the excel program on the main computer does not like it. Got side tracked again and watched The Patriot. Forgot how good that movie was. Sad watching Heath Ledger, but such a great movie. And yes this means I did not bet any pages done. Shame on me. Well, next weekend is Sarasota. So that will work for me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day. Take care.

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