Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler

Now, I know this picture has all three of the boys and it is Tyler's Birthday. But I just love this picture. And this is the best one of Tyler! In case you do not know which one he is by now, he is the handsome one in the back. Funny face Gavin is on the front left, and sweet smart handsome Dylan is on the front right. Tyler will usually be making a face, or doing hand signs when his picture is being taken. This is just perfect! Shows how handsome he is (all of them). He has to wait 2 weeks before he gets his present from me, but he will love it. He wanted a Books a Million gift card, so I got him that and a Iron Man t-shirt. When I am up there in a few weeks I will take him to books a million so he can spend it.

Late start at work, so I better close for now. Will post more later. Oh, guess what? You know that spreadsheet I was working on yesterday? Well, I know better and I hit save every few mins! Seems the save was not saving and I lost the entire thing. I was almost done with step one. Needless to say I had to start all over, almost back to where I left off but it got late. Will be working on that tonight. What a pain! But yes, re-do number 2 did save. I triple checked this time.

Oh here is one from this weekend. Tyler flying down the slide at Bradyen's party.
Cool Slide!

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