Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday almost over

Why is it the weekend has to go by so fast? I wish it would go slower. How was everyones weekend? Had a great Hilltop crop yesterday. New place down in Riverview. Thanks to Debi for allowing us to come to her church. Great company. Jill came! It was wonderful to see her. Now, whats the big deal? She does not live in Florida! Guess she loves us as much as we love her! And she will be back next month for the Birthday crop. Now that one is a 3 day one, so we will all get to spend more time with her. We all had a great time. Food great as always. I ate little bits of bad, but lots of salad and fruit so I did good. I did not have any tea and man am I craving it now. I was going to have half a glass with dinner but did not. Since she had peach cobbler, I had to choose which would I rather have? So yes the peach cobbler won! No crop this coming week, but we are back in Sarasota the following weekend. Love going to Sarasota!

Linda sent out the first talks of the cruise and I am drooling. This also will help get me even more motivated to loose some weight. I have my vote in, but it really does not matter to me - cause no matter where we go we will mate the most of it and have a wonderful time! Love the cruises. Love getting away.

Short one tonight! Oh and arent these just the cutest little boys in the whole world? Love them!

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I vote for Belize!