Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday is here

OK, when I came into work I was prepaired to do my work and Alexis as she is off today. Well, guess I did not remember Mike not being here today either. So I am 3 people today! I am taking a break, I have been non stop busy since 7am! As soon as I get all emails caught up, I refresh and there is 7-10 more. WOW, slow down people! And it is not even 10am. It will be a busy day, but that will help the day go by fast! It will be 4:30 before I know it. Now with Alexis work, I could actually leave it for her after noon, but I could not do that to her. We must meet a 24 hour turn around time. and we have done it snce she has started in the position. Other person was lucky to get 72 hour. I will probablly do all her work until 3pm. Mikes I can not leave or they call or come to the desk. Mine can wait since today is not a cycle day. It just makes alot more tomorrow to do. I can do it!

I told Kim that I did 18 pages, and still have a 3 inch stack of pictures. She responded "oh really"? wow I thought you could have done them in 20 pages. I told her before it would be more like 40 with that stack. So she is debating what she wants to do at this point. And I informed her I had not done all the pictures to that point but most all. Fun Fun! lol

Ok, break is over, so better go for now. Will write more later

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