Friday, May 02, 2008

Album update....

OK, I enlisted the help of the girl that sits next to her. When she came back from the tour Erica told Kim - oh yeah Michele left you these books to look at to see if they will do for the albumns and she also left the receipt for you to know the cost. She then emailed me asking me if she was supposed to pay me for the books. I nicley reminded her that I did agree to her paying for one book, and giving me movie tickets for the other. She would have to pay for the album, adhesive, and any extra page holders for both books - but then just time and paper / embellishments on the one book and movie tickets on the other. She asked if she could pay me at the end, I told her I kind of needed some money now. Atleast what I spent today, and we can deal with the rest later once I know how many pages it will end up being. She did pay me back the money I spent today. So, guess I know what I am working on tomorrow now. And the best thing is that I have alot of almost done pages already. Those I can add pictures and embelishments on. I might be able to get almost most of one tomorrow.

Yes, I finally just snagged a plan and got her to pay. Wish I had the im conversation to show how dumb she still played. She "forgot" that she was paying me at all, thought it was all movie tickets. Uhm no. Told her, sorry I do not have the money to fork out since I am doing two more that I will not be paid for. She did ask about the other albumn I bought awhile ago. I told her that I used that on Charla's book cause she paid me along time ago for it. Biut now that also shows me she remembers what has been said about the book. She remembered I had a book bought, she never paid so I used it on one that I did.

Know what I just realized? I do beleive I am going to have a visitor soon, cause man things have been on my last nerve the last two days! But the only two issues I had bothering me at current are done - so I am fine! Well, except for no stimulus check and I should have received it by today!

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