Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama in Tampa today

and my son Cody is attempting to go see him. He and a friend left about 10:30 to go. Cody is so mad! The doors open at 10:30 so leaving at that time will be a nightmare. I am really hoping they atleast get in. They both are students at USF so maybe they can do the parking alternative at the Bus transfer station and then ride the bus to the Ice Palace..oops St Pete Times Forum. I wanted to have gone, but had to work. I have time I could take, but save it for Hillop and Cokers.

Well, I knew it would happen eventually.....I gained. Well, only .04 of a pound. And I am fully aware it is my fault. I did not drink my water like I should, and I did not walk like I should have. So I can only beat myself up! I know what I need to do this week to get that gone and loose more.

Does anyone still watch NCIS? They had there season ender last night and it was a doozy. Tonight is Criminal Minds and CSI NY (and AI for alot others just not me). Then tomorrow night is a 2 hour Grey's Anatomy, really looking forward to that. And then next week is the Lost 2 hour (Jennifer be warned Cody and I wanna watch in the family room lol).

Slack time is over, awaiting to see lunch menu so I can decide what I am doing. Forgot my lunch at home - shame on me. Hoping they have fish today - I am craving some baked fish. Have a great day everyone.


Cheryl said...

Lunch menu? Your new building has a resturant? Sweet!

Would have liked to go see BO too but really c/n with all the crap on my desk. Of course I'm reading blogs instead of do the work. what's your point?

Anonymous said...

I watched NCIS and can't believe that they will do away with everyone. What did he shred at the end of the show?

Do you watch CSI Miami? That was a doozy ending also. So was Bones. Now I can't wait for the new season. Kathy