Friday, May 30, 2008

Rock Band is addictive

Josh has the game Rock Band. This one has where you can play the drums, guitar, and a microphone for singing. Well, they were all playing it and thought I would give it a go. I attempted to sing. I can not sing, but I did get a !00percent on one song - and a few high scores on a couple others. Naturally I was on easy. One of the songs we put Jennifer on expert and she almost made a 100! Cody was so funny, one time he did the singing and playing the guitar. He put the mic in his shirt.

We also went to the park, Jennifer and Cody walked and jogged the track. They did one lap short of 2 miles. They went again this morning and did make the 2 miles. The boys got to be the first ones to play on the new playground toys. I think it is only fitting since Jennifer was the one that suggested those items for the city park that is right behind her work. It is also where we will be having the boys party. That will be tomorrow between 2-4.

In a little bit Jennifer is going to make the cupcakes for the party. After that she and I are going to Albany for a movie and dinner. Cody will be watching the boys. They had fun yesterday when he watched them when we went to the store. Bet they play Rock Band again. Cody was too funny - what I get to be a chef tonight? He does cook, and he actually cooks well!

Wow, Lost was great last night. Can not say a word - but it was well worth it. Cody and I was able to watch it in the living room where Josh has set up Surround Sound. Only thing would have been really great would have been to have Kip's tv and the surround sound!

Gotta run for now, will try to post again later. Have a great day.

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Kip said...

Thank you for not spoiling it for me, lol!! Sounds like you're having a ball up there as usual!