Thursday, May 29, 2008

Made it to Georgia

Well, I am in Georgia, got some hugs now they are on the computer. Funny Jennifer is on hers. I am on mine, and Cody is on his. And the boys are taking turns on the main computer playing games. Gonna go to Walmart in a few mins. First trip of probablly many. I usually go atleast 3-4 times while I am here.

Tomorrow Jennifer and I are going to see Sex in the City and eat at Mellow Mushroom, tes they actually have one in Albany in front of the movie place. Saturday is the party up at the rec center at City Hall where Jennifer works. They just installed some play equipment for 1-5 year olds - so they will get to try that out for the younger kids.

Sunday gonna see about going to Church maybe and then come home. Just need to get home in time to get some rest cause it will be a long week!

Gonna run will check back in later.

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