Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday night closing of a 3 day weekend

What did I do this weekend? Not alot of anything. And then a lot of nothing. Let's see... Satueday cleaned up my room and re-organized some of the things I have been wanting to get to. In between that I watched Season One of Dexter on Showtime, so it was the actual show with nothing cut out. Sunday went early to The Scrapbook shoppe's sale. Between my mom and I, I only spent $52.00. I mainly bought cruise Items (no not for Kim's book). After TSS went to Michael's since we were just around the corner. They actually had the fiskers punch that everyone is seeking. One on the shelf so I called Linda to see if she had it. Mine is on order in route I am hoping, I did fondle it a bit lol. But the also had one that punches holes that you can weave ribbon through. So, I picked that one up for me. That got me wanting to organize my ribbon better. Yes, I did it at home and not at a crop. I did a little until I realized it was midnight. Monday finally dyed my hair! A few of us at work was letting the grey come thru - well I could not stand it anymore! After that Mom and I went to JoAnn's looking for another plastic thing like what Kip bought. I got one there before, but they did not have one. Only got some more needles for my ribbon project. Mom finally got her Sweet Tomatoes! I had a buy one get one free coupon - so she got it. Came home and continued on my ribbon. Ok, if you ever go shopping with me and I pick up some ribbon - slap me! I have got to use what I have! Some how some way use it! Wait til you see how much ribbon. It was that American Craft box of 6 or 7 that I bought like 10 boxes of since it was 75%$ off. I am not sure if I have any paper to match - but still I will find a way,

OK, gotta retrat to my room. Hope everyone had a wonderful safe Memorial. Also, beside it being a day off - you remembered the real reason for today. Spoke to my Aunt Mary and would have loved to have been in New York to have spent the day with her and Ed. He defended our country and is very active in their local VFW. They had their parade, went to the cementry, and then had a dinner. In July he will be the Commander again. He has been a few time. Thank you Ed - love you amd miss you!

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Cheryl said...

Great job on organizing. I needed to but was a LAZY BUTT instead. Actually felt good. Ribbon? Do not mention Ribbon to me. You need to make more cards. That's how I use mine.