Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Down 1.8 actually 1.4 pounds

Last night was the Weight Watchers meeting and I lost 1.8 pounds, since I was up .4 last week - I am only counting the 1.4 loss. With many more to go. But slow (wish not this slow) will keep it off. And the best part is I still eat my ice cream! That is my main weakness, but Weight Watchers ice cream is really good. Not Blue Bell or Ben n Jerry's good - but good enough so I do not eat theirs.

Today I have a training class from 1-5. It is on something I could teach, but still I have to attend it. Not looking forward to it at all! I have to keep my mouth shut during it, as I do not like the person teaching the class. He is an idiot! But the "suits" love him and does not see his error of ways. They will realize maybe one day when it is too late to fix. The only bright side of getting thru the class is knowing that I will be on vacation Thursday and Friday.

Thursday morning early heading up to Jennifer's. This year she combined Tyler and Gavins birthday parties. Tyler was earlier this month and Gavins is the first week of next month. Really helps me out alot, especially since the gas is so high. Cody is coming with me. He is so funny! Last night when he actually came out of his room and was talking to me - he informed me he was making some music mixes for the boys. One for the day that they can dance to, and then one mellow one they can sleep to. They will love it! Cody made something for them, they will be on cloud 9! He also planned on bringing a few things and let them create music on it - he was rambling so I lost him. That was perfect timing to let him know - that he was gonna have to babysit a few hours while Jennifer and I went off. He had a funny look on his face - thought to myself "oh crap". But nope, it was a cool I get the boys alone beware house! They are all at the age where he is not afraid of being alone with them.

Well, guess I better get to working on some stuff. Actually have to work this morning - and really do not feel like it. Need to take a pill - geting a headache. Do not want it to get full blown. Oh - gotta check pill situation out.

Have a great day!

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Cheryl said...

Crap! I didn't realize you were leaving tomorrow. ARG. I wanted to give you something for Gavin. Oh well. Maybe I'll mail it and he can get "MAIL" like his brother did.

Take lots of pictures and post often.

Drive safe.