Friday, May 23, 2008

OMG is today draggin!

I think it has been a 7 hour day that has felt like it has been 12 hours already! It has been horrible! All my work has been done 3 times over, I have found little things to do 3 times over, and even cleaned my desk 2 different times. I have walked 2 times, took a little extra time at lunch, and even visited on the first and second floor 4 times. And yet it is still not 4:30 yet! WOW

I had a really nice morning, a very sweet morning actually. So, there is a "friend" at work that I have known and have a major crush on for about 10 years now - but we are just friends. He keeps getting shuffled back and forth from the Brandon office and the MLK office. Well, he is back at the MLK office again. I joke with him how much I miss him. I get work related emails from him daily now that I am back in Billing - and they always hold a little hidden message directed to me (3 people get the emails). Well, yesterday he was here in the office (my friend that works on the 1st floor near him aimed me to tell me he was in the building) so of coarse I had to go see her for some reason. When I stopped by him , I was telling him how much I miss seeing him in the mornings as it used to make my day go smoothly. He told me he is here once a week. I did see him this past Friday at the "flag raising thing" but been weeks before. He told me, well next time I am here I will just make a point to come see you to show you I am here. I said "OK". Taking it with a grain of salt. So, this morning I was just walking back to my desk and I was facing where the elevators are - and who comes walking around the corner but him! He came right over to me, talked about 20 mins, and then left. Did not talk to anyone else. Now do you think I was on cloud 9 or what? Yes, very much so. A man that kept his word - wow I was shocked by that alone. I just thought when he said he would come see me he was just saying that, but yet the very next day? He is usually not in this office 2 days in a row. But today they had "car wash day" for the techs. Yes, that meant all our techs had to come in throught the day today. For a single - you know what girl, that was like a kid in the candy store with money to spend lol. I keep saying I do not want to date anyone from work, but now not working in this office might be an exception. And then I am torn again, cause I have been good friends with him for 10 years. I do not want to mess that up. But who knows, one never knows. We shall see, just play it by ear.

Plans for the weekend? Working on the other crap book (yes spelled right) that I just wanna get done with. Speaking of that... had to ask about the results from last night when she gave it to her sister, this is what I got in a aim "oh...she loved it
we passed it around the table at dinner everyone loved it thank you so much". So, Tammy loved it, that is great. I am glad she liked it. Oh, and I had 2 people that kind of scrap look at the book - and in front of her they were raving how wonderful it was and really loved how this was like this, and that was like that lol. And no I did not put them up to it. She told her desk mate "I guess it should have looked like that". Hum, yeah non scrapper - ya think? lol

Well, typing this just wasted a whole 10 mins. Still not even 4:pm yet. I highly doubt that I will make it til 4:30. It is Friday and usually we can leave a little early on Fridays. I come in early (well also so I can catch a glimpse of some people), so it is ok to leave a little early. Let the 3 day weekend begin! Gotta run some errands before I get home. Pay day and bill day - and super yucky walmart that I hate going to - but need to go to. Brandon Super Walmart sucks! I know this so it WILL be fine. Besides, I will be getting some weight watchers 2 point choclate chip cookie dough ice cream that Publix does not have. Makes it all worth the wait.

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