Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am dragging this morning

I did not want to get up, and more so I did not want to come into work. I was so close to calling Manny and telling him " I just can not make it today". I mean it is not like I do not have 478.78 hours of sick time that I could use. But if I make it just 1 1/2 more months I will earn a comp day. Pathetic I know! And actually if I make it to January without missing a day I will earn another comp day, a nice lunch for all those that made perfect attendance, and the rest of that day off too. For 8 years I have missed it by missing one day, just one day of work. So, this is my year! Well, I am hoping at least.

Tonight is weigh in night, I already know I will not be down at all. I will probably be up a little. But that is OK, as I know next week I will be down and some. So I will not get discouraged. I will keep my head up, and not bash myself when I get on that scale.

Guess I better get going, I have no make up on yet and people are starting to arrive. DO not want to scare them this early in the morning. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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