Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man wow!

Yes, it surpassed my expactions! I was not sure what to expect with Robert Downey Jr playing the part. But let me tell you - WOW! It is a must see on the big screen. It is funny, and just all round great movie. There are things that are said that adults will get and teenagers, but young kids probably will not get what they were referring to. But it will still be funny to them. He was really buff for this movie -that was a wow moment too! There are some killing, but they do not show it, so young kids can go. No cussing! Worse word used in the whole thing was "prick". One sex scene but only for a moment and clothes are on. No nude! Which these days in a movie all of that wrapped up into one movie is very rare.

I did try to sleep after work yesterday, but between the excitement of the movie and the arrival of my laptop - I could not sleep. The wait at the movie went by quick as a few co-workers I had not seen in awhile was there. So us talking sped up the time. We did take up one full row and 1/3 of another. Yes, there was smething for a moment after all the credits. Now if you are a comic freak or know comics at all you will want to stay and see it. If not you will not know who or what they are about to introduce for another movie. Jason the one who now works across the bay told me "if I wait all this time and it is nothing, you do know" I said yes, I better run and run fast. Needless to say he was extreamly happy with the teaser. Oh, for previews we got a different Indy Jones, and yes they did show the new Dark Knight trailor. Cody told me before hand, do not expect a Dark knight trailor since one is DC and the other is Marvel. Well, when they showed the sillotte of hottie Batman Christain Bale - I gasped! And so did almost the whole theathre! It was a very good one! Makes me wanna see it even more than I already do! Yes, that will be another midnight movie! Made it home a couple mins before 3am! Oscar did not like that fact that Cody and I came home and wanted to go to bed. So needless to say I think I was in bed about 320! I set my alarm for 8am but was awaken by the noise at about 715. I made it to work before 8am! So I was only 1/2 late. Since I came in early all week Alexis and I took a 1 1/2 hour lunch. Went to JoAnns searching for that darn punch with no luck again. Came back to work and just ordered it online. All the gas searching for it would make it very expensive. Atleast I know I will have one comeing in a few weeks at the most!

Gotta figure out what I am gonna work on tomorrow. Was going to work on the 2 cruise albumns, again no money so no start! I did break down and bought 2 tropical albumns that JoAnns had they were 5.99 and then 40percnt off. I left the albumns on her desk and gave her the receipt. Still nothing about giving me the money for even the books. So, we shall see. I will not start the book until I have cash in hand as I really have the feeling she is not going to pay. A little longer and I am just gonna give it all back to her since it is taking up room, well actually I so not want to see it anymore! I am just getting to my breaking point and fed up with her and the situation. She claims she is bringing the albumns back when she is done walking around an ex employee. Better bring cash with her too. I know I should just give back the stuff and be done with it, but I really need the money we agreed on. UGH

OK, break is over back to work. Yes I am very tired now and yawning like crazy! Might go walk around the building Take care everyone. May check in again later.

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