Thursday, May 01, 2008

Again Damn UPS

OK, I need to know if anyone else has had issues with UPS and deliveries?

Last month I had a package that was deliveried 3 days late - but yet it showed me each and every scan (arrival and departure) - even showed it was delayed due to weather. (ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS)

Right now I am waiting on a package that has been sitting in Salt lake City since 04/28/08! It has not had one single departure scan since then! It usually goes from Orem UT, to Salt Lake City, To Commerce Co, to Salina KS, to Earth City MO, to Atlanta, to Jacksonville, and then to me in Tampa. There are 5 stops before it gets to me.

I called and spoke to a person, since my email to them just gave me a responce with how to track a package - and yet my letter stated I looked on the tracking site and blah blah blah. Guess what I get as a responce? It still shows it is in transit and scheduled on time. How can it be in transit since it only shows a "arrival" in Salt lake and no departure? Her responce to that? Well, there are packages that we see every day all day long that miss scans and not updated til the end. So now your telling me, it has missed 4 scans and it should be arriving in Jacksonville today?

They will not even check on the package until I do not receive it tomorrow. I have to call back tomorrow after 7pm, to just get the run around again like I did last month! Last month when it did not arrive on Friday as it should have - they told me "we see it in transit" well no it should be deleiverd by my nice dimpled hottie UPS guy before now.

Has anyone else ever used the tracking thing and seen this - and got their package on time?


Jenn(ifer) said...

Yes, Daryle ordered some parts for his truck & they never got here. Then some would get here and the others would take forever to get here I always get Dylan's medication through UPS, and haven't had a problem. I guess it depends on the company & the type of packages. I dunno. Sorry you're having issues.

Teri said...

like you get the Brighthouse questions, I always get the UPS questions, too! Just because someone gets a tracking number does not mean that UPS has it in their hands. MOST companies can create their own tracking numbers on site and a package may sit in their warehouse still a couple of days. I know, unbelievable! But true. Hang in there, one thing I do know from working for them for many years is that for the most part, they do a great job!