Thursday, May 01, 2008

I am so excited I can not contain myself

I am worse than a kid in a candy store with money to spend! I know you are probably thinking I am a freak (well we know I am somewhat). But I can not wait til 12:01 when I will get to see Iron Man. All the others going either are off tomorrow oe do not go into work before 10am - except two of us that are going. Jason transferred to our Pinellas office. So he drives from Brandon to Pinellas and starts work at 8am. He will be worse off than me! But then again I have to drive from Brandon to Temple Terrace home after the movie. Lets see. Starts at 12:01am, will have about 10-15 mins of previews, then the movie itself is 2 hours and 6 mins, a full theatre leaving all at once, drive to Temple Terrace....I am not expecting to get home before 3am! My alarm goes off at 5:30am! So my plan of attack is....come straight home from work, eating dinner RIGHT when I get home (hopefully before 5pm, lay down and sleep til about 8:30 or 9, then get up and go stand in a long line for a few hours. The only down fall of a midnight movie is that you must be there no less than 1 1/2 hours before to get in line to get a good seat. People crack me up that come right before the movie starts and are pist that they have to sit in the front row since all other seats are taken - can we say DUH dumbass! I know you are all thinking I am the dumbass for going and doing it, then again trust me I am not alone in this task. And you meet some interestring people. And there will be about 25-30 of us from work so I will have plenty of people to talk to!

Ok, work time again break is over. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. It is almost the weekend!

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