Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Darn UPS

OK, what is the deal with UPS? Earlier this month my CTMH delivery was delayed 4 days "due to waether". Looks like I might have the same issue this time also! I always check the tracker as I like to see where my package is at. Well, it usually will have a arrival scan and then a departure scan within 15mins to 2 hours. My package that has a delivery scheduled date of Friday has been in Salt Lake City since 10:47pm on the 29th. Not one departure scan yet. Checked weather, and it has showers listed for later today, but what about my package now? I got all excited about the possibility of having it Friday to give out on Saturday - and once again does not look like it. And to throw salt in the wound, I do not even have a estimated arrival date for my other package yet. I have not received a "has been shipped" notice either. I guess my patience is wearing thing today? Well, more than normal.

Better get back to work, and drink some water. Not even 20oz yet today and it is almost 12:30. Better get guzzling. Never been a water person - not alot of water atleast. Need to learn to be. UGH


Kip said...

Hey, a pound is a pound...4 sticks of butter, keep it up and drink your water!

:Jayne said...

LOL @ Kip!
We are impatient about our inks & stamps aren't we! I can't wait.