Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am on cloud 79

All day yesterday I was a little down, as there was the Radiohead concert last night at the Amp. Sometimes we get emails for free tickets, but it has been rare lately. I was holding out hope but gave up. Well, at 3:09pm yesterday the email set of lawn tickets! I freaked and panicked and shot off my email as fast as I could. When Alexis came back from the bathroom I told her they sent the email and try too. She responds "I see you already did. Well, duh of coarse I did, no every one sees you did!" I hit reply all instead of just plain reply. That just shot my chance out the door. Cause if you reply all they just delete your email and do not put you in the running. Well, I got about 15 emails, 6 instant messages, and even 4 phone calls of people making fun of me for doing that. But also because I did that 5 of my friends responded also to help me try to get them. A couple that aimed me I asked them too - so I had like 10 people trying. Yes, I really wanted to go! They held the drawing at 4:30 and I am supposed to leave then, so I had to stay and hope. I got lucky, one of my friends won the tickets. When she came to my desk to give them to me, everyone on my floor was laughing...they knew. She only likes Country music so they all knew it was for me. I am still up in the clouds (looked like it driving to work with all the fog). It was such a really great concert, they did not disappoint. They played almost all my favorite songs, just not a couple. But then they played about 28 songs.

A few of Cody's friends was there that he ran into. One girl from high school, a few guys from college, and then Miss Laurel! Laurel is a friend that used to be more than friends. She was there with her boyfriend. But yet a few times she kept coming over to Cody talking to him. Ran into them leaving again too. She talked the whole way towards the gate to Cody. I kind of felt sorry for the poor boyfriend. Cody has always remained friends with "all his girls" and all the boyfriends had to deal or hit the road. Lets see how much longer this one will last. Cause they still go off together to the movies or whatever.

Need to look up what times weigh ins are today, did not make it last night. I think it is different times today. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Just think it is Wednesday already and Friday will be here before we know it.


Cheryl said...

Cloud 79?? Does that mean you were 50 clouds above 29? LOL. Glad you got to go to the concert. Sounds like you had a good time.

Cheryl said...

oops...actually you were 70 clouds above Cloud 9. LOL

Mary B said...

Oh, man, I am jealous!! I would have loved it. Glad you had fun!