Thursday, May 08, 2008

Down a little, but that is hugh for me

Since I did not make my weigh in on Tuesday night I went last night. I lost .6 - needed one pound to make 5 pounds. Odds were stacked against me so that .6 is like 5 pounds to me! I am so glad I was down. I did not hear the point part and thought she told me I gained 6, I almost fainted. I am doing it the right way. I had wanted to do the lapband thing, but 3 people I know have had complacations. Yeah they dropped the weight fast, and look really good already and I am going at a snails pace. But I also have not had to go back in. My friend Joan has had the "port" flip 2 times now, so she is not able to get her fills. They have had to go back in and flip it back to the right spot. No fills means the weight comes back.

Wow it is nice having a laptop. I can sit in my room and get caught up on my tv shows while on the computer. Kill 2 birds with one stone. Oh, and there is another CTMH consultant that her husband created a excell spread sheet for her to figure up totals for you on orders, I requested a copy of it. That way if I can not get internet where I am at, I will still have that to figure up the correct totals. Need to look into getting those air card things so I could have internet anywhere. I know in Sarasota there is ot any woreless I can jump onto, so I would need one.

Gonna run ran late this morning, not feeling well when I woke up. Gonna be a long day. Atleast Mike came to work today. But then about 11 he has to go over to Division, so I will be doing his work the rest if the day. Today is day 4 of that. Have a great day and just think tomorrow is Friday.

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Teri said...

Great job on the weight loss! Keep it up and remember the diet and exercise are the ONLY way to do it!
Great work!