Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday already

Man these weeks just fly by. Can you beleive how fast it is going? Hey before we know it Bush will no longer be our president! One can only dream it is just around the corner.

Anyways, short one tonight - but needed to blog. Heard from aunt Mary her and Ed made it home safe and sound. Had a little mishap with the hotel. They had a wake up call for 2:30AM - but yet they got called at 1:30AM. If they would have gone back to sleep it would have been worse, so they did not. I am sure they are in bed by now since it was a very long day for them. Cody and I decided we want to try our best to go up there at the end of December. I have a week vacation, and we would like to see snow! She is in upstate New York. Before Buffalo, but also about 45mins to Nigria Falls. I would either fly into Buffalo or Erie, Penn. Great chance to see snow. Fingers crossed this will be the year we go. We had a short but good visit, can not wait to see them again!

Oh, yep Alexis is buying the Reflections book. Showed her the Inspiration one and told her the Reflections is even better - so she is getting it. Next I am working on Adela. She is even more of a "newbee" than Alexis. We shall see,

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Jenn(ifer) said...

wow, that would be good for you two as I know he missed going somewhere last year w/ you. I vote we all go to Italy, but hey! lol