Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I joined Weight Watchers

Today after work I went to my first meeting. Now, comes the fun part - losing weight! Not just me, but Cody and my mom as well. I amdoing the monthly pass thing. Pay monthly and you go to meetings and on line tools too. I think I am going to do the flex points to start off. See how that goes, if it does not then I will switch.

Doctors appointment this morning was a waste. Was supposed to have blood work done, it did not happen. Just went over my blood work from last time and got new scripts. All is ok. No allergies, which I knew. A few things was a little high, but that will go down when I start losing weight and eating healthy!

Short post again since I should be in bed by now. So I guess I better go. Will post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with it. I do my WW points on Fatsecret

:Jayne said...

Good for you Michele! Good luck on it!


Kip said...