Sunday, April 13, 2008

Before Linda tells on me

Ok, a 12 hour crop and started at 9am....first paper that I cut was at 6pm! Yes all day long I did nothing! I wrote people up that was shopping, I filled out some CTMH orders, I looksed at a cards mag, and looked at the new Reflections book from CTMH. But other than that - nada! I took the pictures to the cruise albumn that I am supposed to do for a co-worker. Well, I am not sure which one is her sister. And did not take her pictures - so I am not sure if hers was in the bag with her sisters - or if they were all her sisters. And if they are, I really hope she does not think I am scrapping all of them? No way on earth!

Speaking of the reflections book. Thanks to the book, I did 10 pages in 1 hour. Just need to put the pictures on them and need to put some embelishments on them. But I have 10 pages with paper done! So, I asked (begged) Linda to bring it to Orlando next weekend. I did not buy the book just yet, but after seeing it - that I what I am ordering this month! It has layouts and gives options for picture sizes, and photo sizes for us that are not as creative as others. And it tells ya what sizes to cut, so if you wanna whip out a ton of pages without thinking of the pages, this book is for you! Gonna tell Alexis and Adela to order it - it is a MUST get for beginners which they are.

Sunday already, as always a zillion things to do, and as always I might do one of them! Sometime today my aunt is coming over. Not sure when or how long or anything at all. But all I care is that I get to see her. So, I better get off of here and get cracking at atleast something! Have a great day.

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Jules said...

Can't wait to see the new Spring catalogs...any idea when we'll get them?