Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday missed Wednesday

Did not have a great evening last night so I did not post. Lets just say Code enforcement people have nothing better to do than to pick on us! I think more so since they are building the school down the street. Big headache and no releif in sight! Enough about that!

Well, as I said I joined weight watchers. I also joined a couple of on line yahoo groups. So alot more emails to sift thru again! I used to go to one in Brandon, but too far and Cindy no longer leads there. So I am going to the closest one to my house. I will have to get used to the leader. Very hyper! And since it is USF there are lots of college girls. There was maybe 4 my age or older! One guy came in, and he was a little disappointed since there was not more guys. Uhm, hello - if you wanna lose weight you will come no matter what. My goal is still way above what I should weigh, but I am starting real and then will work towards a nother goal! But I do know that when we go on next years cruise, there will not be any less than flattering pictures of me, and they will all be blog worthy.

Stairs at work at 48 steps I think, if I counted right. Now I do go up them once a day, but down them atleast 3-4 times. Yes, that means I am taking the elevator up the other times. No I almost made it all the way to my desk withought breathing hard this morning. I was better than the last 2 mornings. My goal is to get to my desk and breathe normal. Once I reach that, then I will do the stairs going up them 2 times a day! I will continue working on that goal - and then continue to increase the number of times I take the stairs. Now, I do go from 2nd to 3rd up. But from 1st to 3rd is what kills me.

I watched the Country music awards last night finally. I guess I have not listened to it in awhile, cause I did not know some of the songs. Now I have heard of the people, but not the songs. Guess, I have not seen any videos in a longer time than hearing the songs, cause man Leanne Rhimes I had to take a double take cause at one point I thought I was watching an old performance of Brittany Spears! The better of coarse is my favorites Brad Paisley (comes up with the funnies songs), and naturally hottie Toby Keith! Absolute favorite was that Faith Hill and mega hottie husband preformed I need you. Now that was the song that they finished their concert singing when I went, so I knew it and loved it! They did it like the concert and the video where they are sitting close and singing into one mic. Sorry, but there is no way I could sit that close to that man and him singing those words to me! Melt!!!!

Tomorrow sometime (need to find out I guess) Hilltop Memories is heading to Orlando for the weekend. Linda will be a vendor at the Kississimmee crop. We will be home sometime on Sunday. Guess what, I WILL get lots done. I will be working on Jennifers I guess. The other two I have to do that I do not want to do I cant do. Need to discuss the pictures with the person, and she has been out of work all week.

Guess what time it is...need to get back to work. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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eljay716 said...

I didn't see any unflattering pictures of you on the cruise. See you in the morning..

:Jayne said...

I'm with Linda, I didn't either! Have fun in Orlando. Geez I'm only an hour from there right now!

Mary B said...

Sorry, but you are ALWAYS blog-worthy, I don't care what anyone else says! You're friend Fraggy agrees, hahaha! Love ya.