Saturday, April 05, 2008

Almost everyone is home

Seen that almost everyone is home. Have not seen if Jayne and Susie have made it yet or not - weather channel does not look good up their way. I was looking at it since I have not received my Close to My Heart order yet and should have. It was delayed in Colorado due to snow and now stuck in Jacksonville due to bad storms. Wow the change of the area depends on what you get. Hope they are ok, can not wait to hear of their after ship adventures.

What all did you do today? I have a thousand things to do before Monday, and I only did 3 things so far today. 1(Checked emails and some blogs, posted some of my pictures onto MySpace. 2)Went to the grocery store with Cody. He was up before noon which was shocking. He grabbed the Publix ad and said "hey Publix sodas are 2 for a dollar". Knew right away he was wanting some coke for the Rum I brought home. I told him if we were gonna drink good Rum we needed good coke. I have not tried Publix brand so I was not sure. Most all other Publix brand of stuff is good - but did not want to risk it. 3) Slept! After the grocery store and checked mail again I went and took a 3 hour nap. Just got up. Thought I would check mail and blogs again and then go get some stuff done. Mom is doing the laundru for me since there is also hers and Cody's. She is on load number 3 and just one more to go. One and a half was mine alone.

My aunt Mary will be here on Wednesday to check on her trailor in Lakeland. She will only be here from Wednesday to Monday. Not sure which day I will see her, but I will one way or another. I already let her know that Saturday was out since I will be in Sarasota (right Linda?). Since I am talking about her, this picture is for her. My Lamb that I had the last night on the ship. It was really good, but she still makes it better! Love her Lamb!

Oh and this is for Jennifer. She loves Pina Colada's and left a message for Kip to tell me to have one fore her. I usually do not drink them, but for her I just had to. And it was actually really good! Either that or I was just plain hot and thirsty. Maybe a little of all three!

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