Saturday, April 05, 2008

16th sexiest beach

Mom was flipping channels like she tends to do. And came to the Travel Channel just at the poing where the 21 sexiest beaches was on. And they just so happen to be on number 16 - which is Seven Mile Beach! How cool is that! We were just there. Now they showed one area that looked really cool where they have divers that jump off the side into the water. Our tour group did not get to see that. Darn, but that is just fine we still got to see it. Oh and in case you did not know, it is not really 7 miles, it is 5.9. Josie our tour guide and Lindas nice cab ride lady told us the story and facts behind it. Yep, here I am at 7 mile beach!

Just saw that 2 new ships are coming out on Celebrity.
Man looking at things and drooling already!

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