Friday, April 04, 2008

We're back!

Bare with me I just posted a long blog and lost it - so now I will have to do this in peices to get it just right.

Another wonderful Cruise, but how could it not be when I had a wonderful group of ladies to share it with. Kip will keep you in stitches alone, then we had 10 others to add to the mix - how can it be boring or bad? I was one lucky girl to get to room with Kip and Linda (a thousand thank you's!). The room was not as big as last year, so it was a bit small with three people - but we worked it out just fine. Our room was right at the entrance from 6th floor. We had the confrence room on the 2nd floor at our end (forward), but all the dining was at the other end (aft). We also had the ice rink and the shows at our end. Side bar real quick..Oh my the Ice Show was amazing! This woman was ice skating and doing hola hoops. At one point she had 8 and all going different directions. And if that was not anough, at one time she looked like a human sliky and was skating - I think Susie got really great pictures of that. Anyways, here are a few pictures. Kip has some up and will keep putting some up too. I will as well. Hey here I can spread this out so I can blog every day for a few days lol

This is a picture of our ship from one of our high spots that Hudson took us to. We were high up in the hills and looking down at the ship. You will hear lots of wonderful things about our Hudson, he was a wonderful find!

This will be one of many taken at Coyaba Gardens. We may not have gone to Dunns River Falls but we did have a waterfall.

Here is a Bob Marley statue. He comes from this area. His grave site was 2 hours away or else I would have gone to it - yes a little dispointed.

Yes, they had a Senior Frogs in Grand Cay! We did not eat there - Jayne and Valerie did. We ate at this really nice and expensive place. We were up on the 3rd floor. Great very - will post those pictures soon.

These are just a few - will add more later today.


Kip said...

Love that pic of you in the Falls!!! It was fun Michele!

Anonymous said...

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