Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Linda has a very strong point

Why is it that work has to be hell eight before a vacation? Today, I just wanted to scream or cry or both. Even Alexis was ready to cry too! Only releif was lunch...yes Tuesday = Buffalo Wild Wings. Kind of was a little late coming back from break, but we also came in early and worked late. So, it is ok. If it wasnt for others coming in from my office, it would have been a really big liquid lunch! They have all kinds of beer, but would have been busted for that. Well, they are also a bar that has Jack n Coke. Need I say more?

Get this....the building is settling. And there are cracks in the concrete on the stairwell. I was walking up them today and looked down - right across each level has a crack all the way across it. We have been in the building 1 week and already some things are falling apart! They can not get the air correct either. Start off ok, then mid morning my fingers are frozen. They start to defrost, then bam.....frozen again! The floor shakes when you walk. Get some getting used to, it seems our other office is that way too. Last 10 years working on bottom floow, to going to 3rd floor - what a shock to the system. Today they were walking on the roof and I thought they were going to come right thru it! Scary.

OK, quick post - but I just got one in before bed. Trying to keep it up.

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