Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 days in a row

Can you beleive it? Sat down to check mail and read blogs. Thought I better keep up my winning streak and post another blog.

I started off packing, did a wonderful job....hit a snag - me! I guess i better get back on the ball. Am I the only one not packed? I think I am not going to bring any scrapping items. Since I have never been on RC cruise line, I want to explore and explore it some more. Might even lounge by the pool for a little bit. From what I hear there is a lot to do on this ship. PLans are starting to take shape, Jill will be at Jules - starting to sound like the real count down is on!

Got 2 of the 4 apartment change overs done. I really want to get it all done so Alexis will not be so overly swamped when I am gone. Still trying to get me not to go - sorry but no way on earth! So looking forward to this!

OK, going to go pack. When I post tomorrow - I will have a "mission completed" post on here. Fingers crossed.

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:Jayne said...

I am working on packing, slowly working. I can finish packing in.........20 minutes!
I can hardly wait!