Monday, March 24, 2008

Another day to check off..another day closer

How was everyone's Easter? It was just another day here. I did not do a thing. I did pack 90% of my suitcase. Now my pants for dinner I can not pack yet, as I have to wear them to work this week. I did not buy any new dress pants, should have but held back.

I did find 2 new bathing suits at Sears, they were half off. The 2 at half off came out to be 4.00 less than getting 2 at the other store I was going to go back to. And I would have wasted gas money too. And I like them, not me in them, but I like the suits. When I got home I noticed the woman did not take the sensor thing off of one of them. Had to go to Sears in Brandon to get it removed. Now this morning I know I grabbed the receipt just in case they needed it. Get to the store it is not in my bag and she asked for it! She almost was not going to remove the sensor. I waited in line for 20 mins for her to tell me no. Needless to say, I was good I did not get huffy - I understood they might have thought I could have stolen it. I had the 4 other long receipts for discounts and a survey - but not the receipt. I nicely told the woman, why would I have these if I did not buy the item. She caved and did remove the thing for me. And darn it found a shirt on sale 75% off so of coarse I had to buy that one too. It was regularlly 38.00 it ended up on clearance for 5.74! Oh, I even got a beach towel the other day since it was half off too. I only have very old ones or kiddie type ones. I dont think I really want to bring a tennage mutant ninja turtle one.

This is the worst time at work to be leaving on Vacation. Poor Manny keeps telling me, next week we need to...oh damn you wont be here! He must have said that 3 times today. There is alot going on for the next few months. I am so swampped at work it is unreal! He is really hating I will be off, but he said "we will just have to deal with it". I hope by Friday he will not change his tune, and be really mad at me. 2 things came up that we did not know about until just last month - so it is not like we could have done anything about it. I just have to make sure I have one of the main concerns done before Friday. That will lesson the blow.

New CSI Miami,is new tonight, and most all week and next week mainly. My DVR will be on overtime next week. I removed some things I record so that the things I really want will record. Entertainment tonight and Extra is not that important. Much rather see Greys! I also, have to make sure atleast General Hospital tapes. Can not miss hotties!

Count down saga continues.......

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:Jayne said...

At least you got a new suit!!! I have yet to find one! Is okay tho, I wont care as I will be in Jamaica mon!