Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How does Kip do it?

I go to post, and I realize once again it has been a few days - where do they go? They speed past me. I can not post but yet once in a few days and it seems like I just posted. And yet Miss Kip can post 2 or more times in one day. And the saddest thing is, if she does not post 2 times in one day we all think something is wrong. A few of us can go 4 or more days - and think nothing of it. UGH! I have got to get better at this!

We are all moved into the new building. Let me tell you, walking up 3 flights of stairs tend to let you know real quick that you are out of shape! Going down I have no issues at all. But going up is a biatch! I kind of like where I am, it takes some getting used to. Actually it takes alot getting used to. We were all set in our ways, talk at certain times, goof off at certain times, but then serious no talking working to the bone the other times. Well, now we are all out in the open with 45 more people! They are loud. If one group is not talking another one is, then the other will talk when the other is finished. We are spread out differently so it is hard for us to talk. And some of the people we used to talk to are on the 1st floor. And then we had nicknames for each other, we know the meanings - well we slipped and said them and we were looked at strangely! Daniel I call "BFD" sometimes "my BFD" for my boyfriend daniel. He is a young cutie that one day I slipped and said he was my BFD and it has sticked. He blushes all the time when I say that. We have two Jose's one is Big Jose (as he is a little over weight) they call the other one Little Jose (since he is skinny), well I call him "hottie paramedic" since he is going to become a paramedic once he passes the test and yes he is hot or maybe just the uniform. I said it to them both today and people were like MIchele I can not beleive you said that. And they both replied, well that is our names only to and with her! How sweet lol. They make my day! Especially when the day is not going good! They crack me up.

Guess what, remember those clothes I bought the other day? Well I got a buy one get one half off? Yeah, and tomorrow they have a buy one get one a dollar! Can we say pist! I had a feelingh that would happen! Just my luck. I am debating if I wanna return and rebuy. I know some people would, but I do not really want the hassel. That was the price I bought for it. I did also get a 10percent off. So do I want to waste the gas to go there, and my time which is very valuable to return the items? Just to save maybe 15.00? I am really torn. But I think I will leave it well enough alone.

Watching Biggest loser, guess I will save more information for tomorrow. Yes you read it correctly - tomorrow. I will going to post tomorrow!


:Jayne said...

I miss you when you don't blog! Don't waste your time for $15!
See ya soon!

Mary B said...

I don't know how she does it either. I don't have enough interesting things to say once a week, let alone everyday (or more!)

Where did you shop at? If it were me,I'd probably return them, but it all depends on how far away it is, I guess.