Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday night

and I thought I better blog since Friday just skipped me bye.

Got off work a little early on Friday. They came to move our computers so we were out of there. Now on Monday I just hope I remember to go to the new building since 10 years I have been driving to the same place. It was crazy on Friday packing up and toting things out to my car and for the movers. I have 2 computer chairs now. One for the livingroom and one I will use at my table for scrapping. I got to buy my chair for 15.00 and the other one I was able to have. I also got 3 floor fans! Wish I could have had the other 3 so there would have been one in each room. The wall units we have I think are on their way out, so the fans will help some. I am really afraid this will be an extreamly hot summer.

Since I was out of work early I went cruise clothes shopping. I got some really cute things, need to check to see if I now have everything I need. I got some shirts and some crop pants. Man my legs are white as a ghost. Kip says she needs sun, uhm no I really am in some need for sun.

Was supposed to clean my room today, as I always am supposed to. And as always I only did a few things and that was it. I know I need to learn to stop putting on movies when I am cleaning and just have on music. Nope, Dirty Dancing sucked me in! I like millions more than likely billions just love that movie! So tomorrow when I planned to do a few things now it seems I will be doing triple the things I wanted to. UGH

So I thought I better blog since it has been a few days. Oh Jennifers oldest son Tyle had to get 2 stitches on Friday. She was up st the huspital just about to hold Bradly and she gets a call to go get him that he was bleeding ad it would not stop. So, he ended up with 2 stitches. She took pictures, he was smiling at first and then when he realized I am going to get stitches the smiles went away. Poor thing! But atleast i was only 2 so that is a good thing.

OK, guess I better go and maybe do a little more tonight? Yeah, dont hold your breath lol


:Jayne said...

You B stylin' on the cruise! Can't wait! counting the days!


Jenn(ifer) said...

Getting closer to the cruise! Man o MAN, how I wish I were going, lol. Ah, to be on a beach taking in the lovely sunny warm (not humid) weather.