Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Late Wednesday but getting a post in

I start cards, and never end up finishing them on a timely manor. I went to Staples and got some envelopes so I can get the cards out in the mail tomorrow. I never did make the extra ones I wanted to make. I will just have to deal with it! Or I need to get on the ball and make them COMPLETELY when I plan to make them.

My neice was worried she was going to make a C on her finals. She had a few set backs during her school work this term, but she took the final and made the A that I knew she would. When she sets her mind to things she gets it done. She has always been a very smart person in school. Proud of her taking classes! The are on line classes, works, manages 3 little boys, helps out with her mother in law who is still healing from her stroke, and a zillion other things. She is my idol! I am so very proud of her wods can not express! LOVE YA JENNA!!!! Oh if you wanna see poor Tyler with stitches you can check out her blog

OK, short and sweet this time. WIll post again tomorrow.

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