Sunday, February 03, 2008

There will be Blood

That is the best movie I have seen in a long time. I thought No Country for Old men was, nope this one was even better! It is not action packed, or with lots of special effects - it is just strong acting! Not only was Daniel Day-Lewis stong, so was a few others in the film. The child actor that plays his sone in the movie, this was his first film - he was even outstanding! I found this written about the movie that I feel would sum it up....

PT Anderson delivers perhaps his best work with "There Will Be Blood". Unlike "Magnolia", the film's daunting runtime is not very daunting whilst watching it. All acting in the film was solid, even the work of the child actors. Daniel Day-Lewis in particular delivered a truly phenomenal performance, capturing the power of greed, fear, insanity, and comedy simultaneously, at many points throughout the film. At no point does the time period distract from the power of the film. Sometimes period pieces cannot be appreciated because they delve too deep into historical details -- turning the experience into more of a documentary than a narrative set in the past. This is not the case for "There Will Be Blood", as human interactions are the focus of the film. Johnny Greenwood's chilling score is very strong, benefiting from the elegant minimalism that he show's in the band Radiohead. The cinematography is also spectacular. Robert Elswit beautifully captures the essence of the environment and the tension amongst the characters. All in all, this is truly a perfectly crafted film.

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