Sunday, February 03, 2008

It is game day!

Later today is the Super Bowl. Now I will be watching the game itself this year since I like the 2 teams that are playing. Usually I only watch for the commercials. I just love Super Bowl Commercials! Best ones are usually Bud. Speaking of beer commercials have you seen the Miller one where all the Dalmations run after the beer truck - so sweet!

Let's see what has happened so far this weekend? Friday night I went off with a few friends from work to Applebees to eat and drink. There was about 7 of us. Then after that Frances was having a birthday get together over at this bar on Causeway called Tangias. It was an ok bar, but the fun was with the friends. Got home about 2:15! Tried to sleep in but as always Oscar was not having that! Just piddled around the house most of Saturday, even though as always I have 5000 things to do!

Today, I am going to see There will be Blood with Cody, and lunch at Five Guys. His choice this week. After that I will run my mom to a few stores. Then it will be Super Bowl time! Since I am in Brandon, debating about picking up some Buffalo Wild Wings to eat at home. But since it is the first of the month, lots of bills time - so I will have to see!

Well hope you all have a fun Super Bowl day

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Jenn(ifer) said...

I love Daniel Day Lewis, especially in Gang of New York. He is a REAL Actor, none of this pretty boy business with him. He's the real deal. I can't wait to see this movie, I've been wanting to see if for sometime now. Glad you liked it. Btw, Juno is funnny!