Friday, February 15, 2008

Its WR day

Checking my mail, paid a cople of bills, now it is back to Winter retreat time. I am half dressed at this moment. Need to pack up the car, do a mental check off list as I put in the car, and then I am off to Linda's. She is working til 8am but I wanna get over there and get my stuff there so I will be all ready to go when she is. We will have a convoy this morning heading up to Oleno. Get all the touches done once we get there - so the wonderful peeps can start showing up to another wonderful cropping weekend. Careful driving up and stopping at the bathrooms. Now make sure that bathroom tolite does not suck out all your money :)

Few mentions before I go. Happy Birthday to my nephew Andrew who is 19 today, my Aunt Mary who's birthday is tomorrow she is 21 and holding. Hope you have a wonderful birthday - maybe some snow for your birthday? Well wishes up to Wanda (I know she does not read this, but Jenna can relay the message). Jenna make sure to take Jenna time, hang in there babe - it will work out for you. Call me anyways if you need me (if I get reception). Hugs to my buggas!

Ok I have 5 mins to get dressed and pack the car - can I do it? Not unless I was Flash Gordon! Speaking of, need to set my DVR for Knight Rider - yep wanna see how much they changed it!

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