Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Count down is really on

until Friday, just a few more days! Are you all that are going - ready? I know your ready for it to get here, but are you ready ready? Packed all ready to jump in the car and go? Now what do you think? Nope I am not! I have most all things ready, but not packed. I think I will be doing that tonight or tomorrow morning. I will just set my alarm a little earlier and make sure to get up and not hit snooze 5-7 times. Oh, I do have a hair appointment, so I have to go there first. And I am hoping that I am stopping by Linda's after work tonight too.

Jennifer and Josh are having a hard time right now. Yesterday Jennifer got a call from school that Dylan needed to go home. Since Jennifer was actually working she went and picked him up and stopped by her mother in laws to see if she could watch him until she got off work. No one answered the door. Jennifer kept banging on the door since she knew that Wanda was in the home. She finally came to the door and looked horrible. Jennifer told her - your going to the ER right now! She had a mini stroke! They had to keep her in the hospital to observe her, and thank goodness they did as she is worse today. Yesterday she was still understandable when she speaks - today she can hardly be understood. She is slurring alot and looks worse. Please send some well wishes up their way.

You know the only thing that helps me with the fact that Jennifer and crew does not live here is the schools there and the doctors! Before this, Jennifer called Dylans doctor and left a message. She returned Jennifers call to her work since that is where she was when she called. Her boss told her that Jennifer was at the hospital with her mother-in-law. The doctor went over to the hospital and found Jennifer to check on Dylan. Wasnt that nice? Their doctors that she has for the boys are so wonderful!

Need to get back to work. Needed to write since it has been a few days - oops! Write more later.

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Elizabeth said...

My scrap stuff is packed LOL but nothing else LOL