Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am home now

Just got home a couple of hours ago. Had to get caught up with aol mail, yahoo mail, work mail, and started on blogs - thought I better blog.

Friday after work went to Georgia, started to leave at 4pm - naturally at 3:59 they needed profiles added for about 35 associates. Needless to say not only did I not leave at 4pm, but I did not leave at 4:30 either. So, this put me in the bad after work 75 traffic! Just as I finally get past that, it rained the rest of the way up, and all night when I got there. Wanda came home Friday, Josh stayed the night over at her house to help take care of her. She is still not doing well, and we do not think they should have let her come home yet. He also was there some of Saturday, she fell one time and almost a few others. They would not cover her rehab while in the hospital so that is why they let her out.

Saturday Jennifer, Gavin, and I went to Ashley's (Jennifers sister/my neice)baby shower. We were not going to go, as we were going to help with Wanda, but Josh said it was ok to go. Gald we did as the food would not have been taken care of, and neither would the games. It was interesting to say the least! Just a few minor issues, but they were handled with care, so there was a great party for Ashley. I hope I got the pictures, and will share some of them later once I check to see if what I did worked.

Sunday we did not go to Church as the pastor was out of town. Instead we went to Albany. They went looking at compters as hers died. She is doing on-line courses and has to have a computer. She did end up getting a laptop! Another person with a laptop, and I still do not have one. We went out to lunch, and had a horrible time, went to Corino's. Now I remember why I did not like them. Jennifer, Dylan and I had the same thing and we all got sick! Dylan ended up not able to go to school yesterday since he was up half the night throwing up. I took care of him so Jennifer and Josh could sleep. It was bad, and I was so scared since he is not too well as it is. Anytime he breathed the wrong way or couch I jumped. I think I finally went to sleep and got about an hour.

Monday we had Gavin and Dylan, since Tyler went to school. Jennifer had a flat - and I do mean flat big nail! She was lucky they were able to patch it. The maintance man from work brought over a air compressor got it fixed up so she could make it to get the patch. She gets a laptop so she can get back on track of her school work, and the darn internet service was down the whole day! Just her luck poor thing.

When the boys went to go to school today I left to come home. Gavin said " I go home with you?". Do you know how hard it was for me to say sorry, but no. The whole weekend he rode with me anywhere we went, and held my hand anywhere we walked. My little bugga! I showed him one time "how much do I love you" held my fingers up for a little bit and the spread them wide for alot - too cute when ever I asked him. He did the wide arms, so did my Dyland and Tyler. I am so glad they know how much I love them, since it is months between visits. I will be back up there for a week the first part of June. Jennifer needs me to babysit them, and of coarse I gladly accept the askings.

Came home to lots of dog kisses. Oscar missed me just a bit. Cody is at school, so I will not see him til later. Guess, I better go get reading the rest of the blogs and emails. I am both glad to be home, but also sad to be home!


Cheryl said...

Glad you got home safely. Sorry for all the trouble Jennifer has been having. Sorry Mom had to miss the vist & shower.

eljay716 said...

Glad you got up and back ok. Sounds like a lot going on up there at one time. They are so lucky to have you- I know how much you love them all. You are a special person- love ya!

di said...

glad you are back safely - give Oscar a kiss from me too.

Jenn(ifer) said...

I'm glad you came, however; in Carino's defense, lol, that was the VERY first time we've ever had that type of service there. It just seemed like I'm plagued by bad "luck" lately. Sorry it rubbed off on us all.